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Behind the kitchen: our story.

Where we began. 

Our story starts long before we ever purchased an RV. Like many other outdoor enthusiasts, our love of adventure started with tent camping. A simple co-op tent from REI, and an SUV full of supplies, was our window into the great outdoors. Camping was therapeutic. Working for one of the top technology companies in Boston, days were long. I often found myself dreaming of the weekend, wondering what our next camping adventure would hold. As soon as 5pm came around on Friday - we were off! Almost every weekend we were camping in a new spot. 


For the love of water. Scout canoe by water

Enter "Scott," our field and stream scout canoe. Being able to explore lakes, rivers, and streams took our trips to the next level! Scott went everywhere with us. After spending hours and hours on the water, coming back to a toasty warm campfire was the perfect way to end the day. 

A different kind of trip.

New England was great, but it was time to move home closer to family. Thus, we began our journey back to the great state of Ohio. With a new life and a new destination, we could not wait to begin exploring our new to us home state/ region. 


“It’s not wise to upset a Wookiee.”


The only thing better than a great camping trip is sharing that experience with someone else. Even better than that? Bringing along your furry friend. Before we knew it, we had a new member on the crew. Our co-pilot Chewy, an extremely energetic and adventurous golden doodle. There is no trail Chewy won't take, no lake or river he won't swim in, and no chance you are getting away from him without a few pets. 

Chewy at old mans cave

Time for an upgrade.


Sleeping on the cold hard ground is more than manageable, but it was time to add some glamp to our camp. Working for one of the leading technology companies in the RV industry, I was constantly working around RVs and meeting people who had one. We were sold! Getting an RV was not only a comfort upgrade for us, but it allowed us to do something we weren't able to do before - work remotely from our RV, any where any time we wanted. We dubbed our palace on wheels the "Millennium Falcon," because of our co-pilot Chewy.


What's down the road for us?

Our ultimate goal is to be full time RVers, and live on the road. The ability to pick up and go wherever and whenever we want is a feeling of freedom that's hard to describe. Taking a work call from the heart of the Red River Gorge or the middle of Yellowstone National Park isn't for everyone, but it's definitely for us. 

We'll see you on the road!