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Camping with dogs

Pets are considered part of the family, our best friends. While it might seem like a heavy task to bring our furry friends along on our camping trips, it's really not! Check out our latest tips below on camping with dogs.

1. Research your travel route


Camping trips often involve traveling over long distances. When brining your dog along for the ride, make sure you research your travel route. Keep in mind things such as how frequently you'll need to stop to let fido stretch his legs and use the rest room. If you'll be spending the night somewhere and you aren't in an RV, make sure there are pet friendly hotels on your way. Use a website like Bring Fido to find all kinds of pet friendly stops, restaurants, and hotels. 


2. Bring food for a few extra days

Empty dog food bowl

When camping with dogs, it's always a good idea to bring extra supplies and food for your favorite furry friend. When camping, you never know what the weather will do and you may need to hide out for a few extra days. So pack some extra food and dog treats for your friend just in case! They'll thank you in case of an emergency. 


3. Use a car hammock

Dog Hammock

If you have a travel trailer, using a car hammock in your tow vehicle is a great idea to help keep your dog comfortable when traveling over long distances. It allows then to utilize the entire back seat to stretch out, while also protecting your seats.  


4. Get a travel bowl 

Dog Bowl

You can't count on rest stops or dog parks to have an available dog bowl and water. Get a collapsable bowl to stash in your glovebox or back pack to use when needed! They are also great for hikes.